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The Budget car hire app required a full redesign


  • Full UI redesign following branding and design guidelines
  • Full UX overhaul to increase conversion
  • UX Research and Testing
  • Project Management to ensure the app was designed and developed on time and to a high standard
  • To design and develop the app using Google Flutter and publish to both Apple and Android app stores.

My role

As the Senior Product Designer tasked with overhauling the outdated Budget car hire app, I led the project from concept through to execution, focusing on delivering a modern, user-friendly mobile experience. This involved comprehensive responsibility for project management, UI/UX design, user research, and QA testing.

Working under tight budget and time constraints, I collaborated closely with the development team to create a future-proof app that not only met business objectives but also resonated well with users, significantly enhancing the human-centered design of the product.

My design process

I meticulously apply the Triple Diamond design process to ensure exceptional product outcomes from ideation to launch. During the Discover phase, my approach involves comprehensive user research—utilising interviews, ethnographic studies, and competitive analysis to gather deep insights that inform the foundation of our design strategy.

In the Define phase, I take these insights forward, employing advanced prototyping tools and methods to iterate designs rapidly. This allows for effective validation and refinement of concepts, ensuring they meet both user needs and business objectives. My expertise in UX tools like Sketch and Figma, coupled with my ability to synthesize feedback, plays a crucial role here.

The Deliver phase sees me overseeing the final adjustments to the product’s design, ensuring every detail aligns with the established user requirements and quality standards. This stage involves close collaboration with development teams to guarantee that the implementation is seamless and that the final product resonates with the target audience.

Throughout these phases, my leadership is characterised by a proactive approach to problem-solving, commitment to excellence, and a deep understanding of user-centered design principles. My strategic vision and meticulous attention to detail ensure that we consistently surpass client expectations and deliver innovative, market-leading products.

UI/UX Design

A significant part of the design process involved utilising the Sketch application to develop a range of concepts—from low to high fidelity. These designs were crucial for prototyping and conducting usability tests with real users, ensuring the user flows and experiences were optimised for engagement and functionality.

The image below showcases the final app interface, complete with all call-to-action buttons and interaction points fully integrated. This comprehensive prototype serves multiple purposes: it facilitates user testing, supports presentations to Budget personnel, and acts as a crucial reference for developers to understand the intended appearance and functionality of the app.

From concept to production

Low fidelity concept

From a quick and dirty low fidelity concept, often drawn by hand or using a grey box method.

Production ready

To finished high-quality production assets that Engineers can use to develop the app.

What we delivered

Here are a few examples from the newly launched app, now available globally for iOS and Android users. These samples demonstrate the interface that Budget car hire customers around the world are currently using.

Project outcome

Delivered on time

Through meticulous research and careful planning at the project’s outset, we successfully launched the new app on schedule and within budget, despite challenges posed by Covid-19. The app is now globally available for iOS and Android users and has achieved impressive conversion rates with customers actively booking rentals through the platform.

Amazing Results

Despite minimal marketing resources, the newly launched Budget app has achieved excellent user engagement, with significant rental bookings. The comprehensive redesign and improved development have made the app faster, more user-friendly, and visually appealing, leading to a noticeable increase in conversion rates compared to its predecessor.

Excellent UI/UX Improvement

Throughout the design process, the app underwent extensive testing and refinements, culminating in a streamlined user experience. It’s designed for ease of navigation and quick operation, with a focus on real-world user feedback to ensure it not only meets the expectations of Budget’s clientele but also achieves business objectives effectively.

Future proof

The app is designed with longevity in mind, utilising the advanced and well-supported Google technology, Flutter. This choice not only facilitates simultaneous deployment on both iOS and Android platforms, thereby expediting development and updates but also enhances our ability to swiftly address bugs and implement enhancements.

Additionally, the use of an atomic design system in the app’s development allows for easy modifications and updates to components and styles, supporting quick adaptability to changing user needs and technological advancements.