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Learn how to create UI Motion Design in my new YouTube design course.

Join me in my new course about how to create UI Motion Graphics using Figma, After Effects and LottieFiles.

Create highly polished UI animations and motion graphics that are production-ready with no code.

This course is aimed at UI Designers, UX Designers and Product Designers that want to level up their design skills and designs by adding moments of delight, an extra layer of polish and whimsy to their work.

In this course, we will be using Figma to create our design concepts and some of the UI assets. We will then use these in After Effects to create stunning animations using keyframes and curves. Then once we are happy with the results we will export these animations as Lottie files and use the LottieFiles tools to view our creations. Lastly, I will show you how we can use these Lottie Files in our apps, websites and other digital product designs.

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As per usual this course is completely free of charge and has been created to give back to the greater design community that has given me so much.

You are in safe hands as I have been a professional Product Designer for over 10 years and have worked for some of the biggest brands globally. I am also an official LottieFiles Evangelist.