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Pregnancy+ app store promotional video

How I created the promotional video

As the Senior Product Designer at Philips, I spearheaded the creation of promotional videos for the newly launched Pregnancy+ app across iOS and Android platforms. Lacking in-house video editing capabilities, I leveraged my extensive experience with UI animation and gaming industry projects to produce these videos. The process involved live app recordings, sophisticated editing in Premiere Pro, and enhancements using After Effects.

To efficiently manage the production across more than 10 language versions for each platform, I developed a streamlined workflow in After Effects. This included automating language adaptations via a script that interfaced with a spreadsheet, significantly optimising our resource allocation for over 20 individual videos. This innovative approach not only saved time but also maintained consistency across diverse market presentations.

This promotional video was created by recording the live app, editing the clips in Premiere Pro and then taking the polished footage into After Effects to add all the graphics and visual effects.

This was a particularly large and time-consuming task as our app was available in over 10 languages and a video needed to be created for each on both iOS and Android. That’s over 20 videos! So I created a workflow where I would create the video once and then run a script inside After Effects to pull the languages from a spreadsheet.

This is a promotion video I created for the Pregnancy+ app on behalf of Philips. The video was created using After Effects as well as Illustrator, Sketch and Photoshop.