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The Project

As a Product Designer at Mind Candy’s Brighton-based studio, Candy Labs, I contributed to the development of “World of Warriors,” a critically acclaimed mobile game available on iOS and Android platforms. This title has earned multiple accolades, including Apple’s “Best of 2014” and “Editors’ Choice” awards.

In my initial role as a Technical UI Artist, followed by my responsibilities as a UI/UX Designer, I was instrumental in designing the user interface screens and workflows. My process involved collaborating closely with the Art Director to whom I handed off my designs for the creation of refined illustrations. Subsequently, I integrated these artistic elements by slicing and preparing the assets, constructing asset atlases, and implementing the UI screens using Unity. Additionally, I developed several of the game’s transition animations, enhancing the overall user experience.

This multifaceted role allowed me to leverage and expand my skills in both technical artistry and user experience design, contributing significantly to the game’s success and its reception in the mobile gaming community.

Here are some screenshots