Videos and Tutorials

I owe my career and skillset to the open-source nature of the internet. Yes I have a University degree in Product Design and it has helped but I will still attribute 90% of my education to the internet and the great content available for free!

As a designer, I feel it is incredibly important to share learnings and skill development with the design community. As a species, the best way to improve is to share knowledge, challenge and support each other.

This is why I have created the Will Brett Design YouTube channel to share knowledge, Tutorials, Design Thinking and so much more including Figma How-To Videos.

Please make sure you Like and Subscribe and more importantly share my videos with others in the community not only does this support me and the channel but by reaching a larger audience I can achieve my goals of giving back to the Design community that has given me so much over the years.

As designers, we must continue to learn, develop and improve to better experiences and humanity as a whole. Join me on this journey. This is a call to arms!