Rockshox Micro Stealth Lockout Knob



Sometimes bigger isn’t better. With bike frames becoming increasingly cramped the all too common side effect is there is less room to fit a water bottle which is what I found on my Whyte E-150 RS 29r which has mounts for a water bottle but not enough room. So I took it upon myself to solve this issue. I quickly spotted that the clearance issues were with the Rockshox lockout knob. So I opened up my favourite CAD software and created the Rockshox Micro Stealth Lockout Knob which still allows you to easily lock your shock out but now has room for the water bottle.

It is designed as a direct replaced for the standard Rockshox knob and requires you to use the screw from the original knob. The knob has a textured edge and features an arrow which matches the lockout on the shock so it’s obvious if it’s open on locked. It also prevents dirt and water ingress.

It’s not the size of the knob but how you use it. 

Available in both PLA and ASA plastics

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