Designing a world-leading Pregnancy app

Whilst at Philips I worked as part of a small design team as the Senior Product Designer on multiple applications including the Pregnancy+ app which went on to become the #1 pregnancy app worldwide.

Pregnancy+ already existed as an app before Philips purchased the company. I was brought on to redesign the app UI and UX from the ground up with the latest technology and best practices. I was also tasked with designing multiple pregnancy trackers and other new features to improve the app’s functionality.

My Role

  • Senior Product Designer
  • UI Design
  • UX Research and Design
  • Animation and Illustration
  • Promotional Graphics and Videos

The Pregnancy+ App

The #1 worldwide pregnancy app supporting expecting parents through their pregnancy.

Multiple useful trackers to monitor your pregnancy.
Log medical and personal notes. Easy to use logs and graphs keep tabs on your medical visits and important contacts.

Monitor your pregnancy with multiple trackers

We designed multiple useful trackers for expecting parents to monitor both the babies ‘ and their health throughout the pregnancy.

Daily Personalised Content

With daily pregnancy info, diet, exercise and labour info, colour and scan images reflective of baby development, and week by week info, Pregnancy+ supports parents throughout their journey.

An article for every day of your pregnancy based on your progress
Fun feature to compare your babys’ size to fruit, animals and other popular things.
Content that is shareable to major social networks which is two benefits. The first being a fun engaging feature allowing users to share their progress but also helps us attract new users without needing to use any marketing budget.
An example of some of the in-app onboarding to help users learn about new features.
New content each week of your pregnancy. More reason for users to keep coming back to the app

Fun Features and Shareable Content

Fun ways for users to share their progress with friends and family whilst also attracting more users to the Pregnancy+ app.

Monetizing a free to use app

The Pregnancy+ app is a free-to-use app with no paid-for account options. The app makes its revenue from internal advertising of Philips and carefully selected partners’ products.

The advertising system is designed to only promote contextual ads that are relevant at the right stage of pregnancy. For example, a feeding bottle would not be advertised to a user that is 1 month pregnant. However, you would advertise them to a mother who is close to their birth date and will actually need the product.

Relavent products available to users based on their stage of pregnancy. Items are recommended to customers in a thoughtful way without pressure to purchase. The idea being users will need these products anyway so why not make them easily available to them at the right time.
Discounts available for users of the app.

My Design Process

Here is a brief summary of my design process for the Budget app redesign project.


  • Stakeholder discussions
  • Project Vision / Goals
  • Brand Strategy
  • Measure of Success
  • Project Priorities


  • User Interviews
  • Surveys
  • User Testing
  • Competitor Research
  • Analytics Review
  • Content Audit


  • Use Cases
  • Persona Creation
  • Story Boards
  • Red Routes / Critical Design Paths
  • Experience Maps
  • Workflow Diagram

Design & Test

  • Mood Boards
  • Flow Diagrams
  • Wireframing
  • Low Fidelity Concepts & Prototypes
  • High Fidelity Concepts & Prototypes
  • Testing / User Testing


  • Internal Launch and Testing
  • Beta Launch
  • User Testing
  • Launch
  • Live Testing (A/B Testing) Tweaks and Improvements
  • New Features

The Atomic Design System

To efficiently create a constant and pixel-perfect application with multiple designers and developers at the same time we created a Design System.

We chose to use the Atomic Design System as our model as I believe it’s the most efficient and flexible system.

Pages are made up of Templates. Templates are made up of Organisms. Organisms are made up of Molecules and finally, Molecules are made from Atoms. Making a change to an atom will make the changes everywhere that atom is used throughout the entire design system.

Designing a ChatBot

I and the design team started work on a chatbot system that would use artificial intelligence to help and support our customers worldwide to relieve some pressure from the internal support team as most queries could be solved without direct human support.

The chatbot was an SDK we could install into our app. Here is a mockup of the UI and UX design process we wanted to create.

Pregnancy+ Video Overview

Not only did I create this promotional video for the Pregnancy+ app but it also gives an overview of the UI, UX and app features I designed.

The Results

“The app has become a huge success with over 50 million users globally. It is now the #1 Pregnancy App world wide”

Loved by millions of parents around the world

The Pregnancy+ iOS and Android app have been a huge global success for Philips. With over 50 Million downloads and over 2 Million positive reviews, this app has supported many expecting parents throughout their pregnancy.

The free apps provide both useful guides as well as trackers to monitor your pregnancy. Speak to any expecting parents and they will probably have heard of Pregnancy+ if not be actively using it.


The #1 Pregnancy App Worldwide


Consistently rated 5 stars in the App Store & Play Store


Over 2 Million Reviews - Mostly 5 Stars


Over 50 Million Users Worldwide