Using Flow Diagrams In The Design Process

Here is an example of a User Flow Design and suite of tools I created whilst planning out a section of the car hire process at Avis.

The car hire process is very complex as there are many systems and edge cases involved so designing a user flow that is friendly and usable for the customer is incredibly important.

I decided that to do this I would build my own suite of UX Flow mapping tools using Sketch, Sketch Libraries and Abstract as I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting with more traditional tools such as Balsamiq. With these tools, I could custom build and style my user flows how I wanted and export them in any format that the business requires.

The tools are also highly scalable and shareable so multiple people can use them at any time anywhere in the world. Collaboration is very important these days.

This particular User Flow is for the In-Rental portion of the Rental Journey. This is just a snapshot of a much larger flow but gives a basic idea of the process.