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LottieFiles Animations are accessible across 25,000+ everyday tools with the embed feature

Lottie’s latest tech upgrade, embed feature will now enable designers, creators & businesses to multi-layer their work with exciting animations.

Everybody loves animation, be it food ordering pages or delivery app or emails, or social media platforms – we have all seen Lottie animations in some way or the other, and let’s agree – this has enhanced our user experience and kept us more engaged, right?

Today, brands and businesses alike want new ways of interacting with their customers. When it comes to animation, Lottie has given a 360-degree spin to the usage of “Still Images” in customer experience journeys.

In our effort to bring Lottie animations to every digital platform available, we are excited to announce our new ‘Embed’ feature which opens up for 25,000 everyday design tools and productivity platforms like Notion, Medium, Ghost, Reddit, WordPress, and many others.

Embed Feature Launch

You can now animate your work and enhance your customer journey experience with a simple click, here is how?

Some of the daily tools that you use are the 3rd party platforms that support and allow open-source tech stack tools like – / Iframely. Using these embedding tools you can insert LottieFiles animations into your everyday work and make it more creative.

If you are looking for free animations – high-quality motion designs, browse from thousands of animations at LottieFiles featured section here – All free to Embed!

We had earlier made Lottie accessible using the plugin features for specific platforms like : Adobe After EffectsFigma and more.

How does Lottie file format impact your team’s workflow?

The majority of today’s popular apps are using the Lottie file format for their motion graphics due to its humbling value propositions like:

  • Rich Smooth Animation
  • Lightweight size (600% smaller than GIFs)
  • No code testing tool for all devices (web, iOS, Android) ensuring your animation works perfectly on all platforms

With these benefits, Lottie is increasingly becoming a standard for animations across different platforms and applications.

So for Brands & creators this enhanced ‘User Experience & Interaction’ resulted in LottieFiles gaining tremendous organic adoption amongst the design community. This resulted in heightening the jump in the amount of animations brands were using earlier.

Excited enough ??

Using Lottie in App Design

Whilst working at Philips on the Pregnancy+ project I conducted a lot of research and testing around using Lottie Animations to increase engagement, add quality and polish to screens and also add visual context to the UI.

You can read more about that here: Pregnancy+ UI Animations

TouchID Example

Here is a TouchID animation I made quickly to show off these new embed features. That’s right the below animation is not a gif or a video. It’s a live Lottie vector animation playing in real-time on my website! How cool is that?!

Using Animation to make UI more exciting

In this example, I wanted to get across the message that users visiting the app each day would receive a prize/award.

To make this UI page more exciting and get the message across more clearly I used an animation that I thought was exciting and eye-catching.

I ran multiple tests including A/B tests on live users as well as getting qualitative feedback through user interviews. The results were positive with higher engagement on the screen that had an animation over the one that was just static UI.

Check out my Lottie Profile

I have a few free Lottie animations you can check out and try. I will be adding more as and when I get time. I have plenty of examples that are not currently available so shoot me a message if you would like to see more.

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