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Figma Interactive Components

In this Figma Tutorial, we take a look a the new Interactive Components update. I show you how to create an animated UI toggle switch in Figma using the new interactive components update which can be reused throughout your design projects.

Let me know what you think. Post links to your public Figma files using this technique. Also, let me know in the comments below what other videos and tutorials you would like to see. Would you like me to do a live stream?

Quick Links:

  • Introduction: 00:05
  • Toggle Overview: 00:26
  • Toggle Animation Example: 00:38
  • How to make the Toggle Component: 00:54
  • How to create an animated interactive toggle component: 02:15
  • Creating the Components: 06:18
  • Combine as Variants: 08:56
  • Adding the interaction animations: 09:15
  • Fixing Bugs/Issues: 14:12
  • The finished Interactive toggle component: 17:03