The Redesign

The Gmail redesign was a UX Design test I was given. The 1 Hour test was to redesign Google’s Gmail to create a better User Experience for the user.

The theory behind this design was for the users to work their way across the screen left to right. Left being the high level tools and options such as compose, inbox etc and the more you move to the right the more specific the tools would be such as creating emails. You can also view recent activity you have had with the person you are email such as recent emails, sent files and contact info.

Designed for the end user

This Design focusses on the needs of the end user above everything else. Only the required tools are show on the screen making for a more powerful less cluttered application.

Left to Right Visual Direction

In the Western world we read left to right so why not create our user interfaces the same way? This project was designed to allow users to work there way through the application from left to right.

Flat Design

A Flat Design style for a minimalist, non-cluttered feel


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